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Droning on and on and on…

I had the last session with my year 10 science class last week (due to being at maths moderation this week) we had just done a crash course (somewhat literally) on energy transfers and efficiency so I wanted to have a discussion about as many types of energy as we could, along with energy efficiency tied up in it. Something hands on is always good with this group (and any, really. It’s a science class!) and it was the last lesson so I also wanted something fun.

A colleague and I have vague plans of starting a drone flying/building/racing club under the STE(A)M banner at the school next year so I invested in some very cheap hand sized quadcopters which got delivered last week. It seemed like a perfect time to bring them into the class and see how easy they break (Very)

Admittedly the discussion was much less academic than it could’ve/should’ve been but it was great to see a couple of the quieter students demonstrate some previously unknown flying skills, and a good way to seed some interest in next year’s activities.

(and now back to report writing)


A proper first post…maybe. Definitely a work in progress

Since the last site I was using for an ePortfolio changed their style & service I was searching for a decent online option and didn’t find anything I like nearly as much as running my own site. So here I am again. I’d like to spend more time sharing what I’ve learned and loved about teaching this year but it’s the awkward combination of report writing and job application writing time so I need to devote myself to the first one and then use any leftover time for the second one. We’re also in the final two weeks of standard lessons and content for my year 12 students so I’m busy trying to build up their confidence and understanding before the last term break. I’m hoping some of those resources will make their way into this site as well, perhaps in a more polished form however.


In the meantime, here’s a balloon stuck to the ceiling from introducing electrostatics to some year 11s.



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